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Amsterdam Escape Blog

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Well, hello folks, as Arnie once said, "I'll be back" and here I am. Your one and only truly original Robbie from head to toe.  I'm younger, smarter, skinnier but slightly more retarded than the average bear, hey Boo Boo. 

Can one believe that it's been over ten years since my last confession I last blogged for AmsterdamEscape back in the year of our Lord 2006 How time flys when you have nothing to do all day except bang your head off the padding?

They were giving me 500 volts a day and three square meals. After ten years the powers that be decided I was no more crazy that the average asshole roaming the streets so I was asked to leave, just like that.

Luckily for me, I remembered the parting words of the ESCAPE TEAM when I left back in 2006, turn again Robbie blogger of Escape, turn again Robbie and blog once again.

So I turned again and got in touch with the team which when I left comprised Dee, Emmett, Giuseppe and Brendan "the man who can" and a few other LIF's* so I was surprised to find so many changes had happened.

Seems in my absence a coup had taken place aboard mothership and all hell had broken out with everyone running about like headless chickens and no one knowing where the kill switch was. It turned out a lack of training was to blame and in the aftermath, many heads rolled.

Brendan "the man who could" was sent to Van Diemen's Land - Emmett put out to greener pastures - Mothership and her batteries taken out - and Giuseppe went to never, never to land.

In charge now was an X Guest called Nurse Gupta and her henchman Dev.  They now ruled the roost with rods of iron, nothing and no one was safe.

My Return

On my 1st day back on the job which was January 1st, the ceiling fell in and I was almost crushed to death by an obese woman from the office above. I suffered horrific injuries to all parts of my body and it was unclear if I would ever blog again.

So here I am 6 months later and I'm ready to make another return. I have requested a desk in the panic room for my own safety as one never can tell when a fatty might fall from the sky.  My request has been denied by Nurse Gupta on the grounds of health and safety.  Sounds like a sticky start indeed but time will tell.  I'll keep ya all posted.

DAY 1.

June 1st 2016

OMG, What  a day, and I'm only in five minutes. I got stuck in the lift with 4 others, lift says maximum of 8 persons or 800LBS but each of theses whales were close to maximum overload so the lift just gave up. Sick of being treated like a second class lift. We finally got rescued by Rosemary the operator with the lift company, she talked us down and kept us calm until help arrived and the doors reopened. 

On arrival in the office, I could see all was not good.






* Lower Life Forms






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