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May 15 2015
Dear AmsterdamEscape, we want to thank Brendan for the magnificent hospitality during our recent week in Amsterdam. Your restaurant recommendations were very useful. Until we return to Amsterdam
Ciao, the Kendrick's, Nashville, New York USA
February 3, 2015
These apartments are the best deal going in Amsterdam. Have stayed in various ones for the past few years. Returning next month to stay in Amsterdam Chillout. Brendan is so helpful, and there are so many amenities in the apts to help with your stay. Would never stay anywhere else. All apts. are convenient in location and super, super clean!
Suffolk, VA
March 26, 2015
This was one of many trips to Amsterdam, really enjoyed the accommodation - liked having our own front door, make us feel like we belong ! Great location, not far from anything and fabulous shower. We'll pass on your details to friends who like to Stay here too !
Thanks Brendan 
Cheers from Ruth & Duncan
March 01, 2015
We had a great time here in Amsterdam. This place ''Snug'' is a great place to stay. It's perfect in every way. Thank you for another great time here. We will be back for a 5th visit.
Thanks James & Reona
California, USA
14th June 2015
Thanks so much for a wonderful stay! We had a great time and the location was perfect! I have been trying to think of things that were missing and I cant think of a thing really- we felt very pampered and looked after. Maybe some conditioner in the shower? The best thing was all those beanbags! It was so good you let us stay yesterday, we just lay there in the sun, prime! thank you lots and we will be back!
sweet pea  (swing_ur_pants)
30th September 2015
Guys, thanks for a great stay in Amsterdam, shame it couldn't have been 
longer but thought you might like to see what I told others.  UKCULTIVATOR 
is a popular site amongst fellow green smokers here in the UK.  Here's my 
post and I hope you agree and are not offended.
Guys and Girls, I have just got back form the Dam and have to tell you about 
my accommodation. I stayed at the AmsterdamEscape "Cosy" apartment. What can 
I say that will do this place justice? Okay lets start with the basics, was 
it cheap? No not particularly, cost about £100 per night (that's per night 
not per person) but could have been cheaper had I booked last minute, so 
what was so good about this place? Brendan and Emmett who make up the 
"Escape committee" are two good reasons, aside from the complimentary green 
upon arrival, the wide selection of pipes and bongs in the apartment, the 
playstation 2 & games, the porn DVD's, the complimentary mini bar including 
munchies, the lava lamps, the freedom to do as you please knowing that you 
are acting as the management expect (and trust me they expect and ignore) 
but this place is the ultimate lads pad. There was absolutely nothing that 
couldn't be arranged, and I mean nothing (don't be shy just ask and it's 
arranged). The company that run the apartment have several in Amassed, I 
believe that the "Cosy" was amongst the smaller on offer, but trust me four 
could sleep comfortably if you don't mind sharing double beds, (I'm not into 
sleeping with mates but after a marathon night on it I will crash anywhere) 
1 double mezzanine bed and a double sofa was available and I can verify that 
both are comfortable. The location is second to none, ten minutes walk from 
Central station and 5 min's from RLD. I honestly cant speak highly enough of 
this place and thoroughly recommend it to others.
Wayne-o (Wayne H)
13th April 2015
Hi Brendan, 
Just a quick note to say that we loved our visit and will recommend your fantastic apartments to all we know who are going to Amsterdam. It was great and thank you for a very lovely welcome.
Kindest regards
April 6th 2015
Just a wee note to say thank you for a wonderful place to stay, and for being
the most friendly people, probably in the whole of Amsterdam.we have never
enjoyed a holiday as much as we did in the den. what an amazing place. so
much I am planning next years dates already, sometime in April I think.we
want to thank you both, Dee and Brendan,for making our holiday enjoyable,
that little tip about BasJoe's, thanks . I know my first stop in April 2006.
anyway, once again thank you . contact you sometime in September. have to
save up the deposit . avidly saving and dreaming of sitting outside BasJoe's
in the sun.  Iona and Chink.
"Chink Stewart"
April 27th 2015
Just a quick e-mail to say thanks once more for a great few days, wish it could of been more but unemployed people don't have lots of cash, the flats are wonderful as was the service and I imagine we shall be back a few more times soon. sorry for breaking the glass but I hope the leaving present made up for it. customs suck!!!
Sean Norris
part of the Debbie Reynolds booking
Brendan –
Thank you very much for everything. We all had a great time and enjoyed being in an apartment rather than hotel.
I look forward to staying with Escape again!
Best, z Mordarski. 
May 27th 2015
Brendan and Crew,
Pete, Brian, and I would like to thank you fall or the experience we had in Amsterdam and to personally thank YOU for all that you have done.  We WILL be back, we're already planning a trip for next year, I have at least 6 other people that are interested.
I am telling everyone about the apartment, the experience, and the hosting job that you did.
Take care, I'll talk to you soon.  Feel free to ask me to write a referral if you need it (not that you do) or you can take excerpts from my email.
We had a great time.
Thanks again man,
May 16th 2015
Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your help with our booking, we had a great time and loved the apartments.
Have already recommended you to most of my friends and work colleagues!
Hope to see you soon
Sarah J
July 5th 2015
Dear Brendan, Emmett, Dee and Ken:
This is just to say...
a) that Sarah (in London) and I (in Zurich) are feeling VERY GRUMPY (low, even!) at no longer being in Amsterdam High (jolly well hope no one else is staying there!)
b)  and, more importantly, Thank you SO VERY much for everything you did to make our stay so lovely!!!
c) we will be back!
PS To Dee: ashtray being much enjoyed in Zurich, though it misses having a canal view. Hope you manage to replace it, as it occurs to me ash will blow on next guests if it’s windy. (Hah. Next guests. Let the ash blow on them!)  (ESCAPE COMMITTEE- Guest took a liking to one of our ash trays so we decided to let it go walkies and take up a new home in Switzerland. P.S - Ashy if your reading this we all hope you are liking your new home and your still working hard. 
PPS To Dennis: many thanks for delivering us safely and speedily to airport. FYI, the drop off place for Swiss is one further (Departure 3, I think rather than 2); I had to gallop a bit inside the airport to make it on time to check in and the gate—no problem, but I thought for future guests (hah again) it might be useful for him to know...
PPPS Question: should you mount a collection (next to the “grumpy dog”’, perhaps?) for mending the Poor Parrot in High? He seemed a bit glum while we were there, though clearly trying to keep a stiff upper beak.
March 21st 2015
Dear Emmett & All--We did indeed have a wonderful time and especially
enjoyed the little extras you guys so kindly provided.  It made the
last evening VERY nice indeed. It really hit the spot.  This vacation was to
celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary so that really helped in the
celebration.  We're already taking about coming back to see you in late
fall/early winter but we may have to wait a little longer depending on the
dollar's situation.  We just love staying with you guys, and we never get
tired of all of Amsterdam's charms.
We really enjoyed the place...the decor is great!  The safety poles are a
good idea...we had laughed that if we were drinkers too we'd probably have
ended up in the canal given how the windows are placed so low.  All your
additions are good...maybe for the bathroom instead of a shelf & mirror you
could use a combination unit...we call it a medicine chest and it's
basically shelves with a mirrored door.   I'm sure you have it too but not
sure what you would call it.  Microwave instructions are good, and I'd also
add instructions for the cook top. In addition, many people in US have never
used a gas stove since many people use electric stoves instead and so are going to
be even more hopeless than us on the whole issue.
One very, very small thing was that there was no way to plug in the
hairdryer anywhere that you could then see a mirror to do your hair.  I
couldn't find an outlet anywhere in the bathroom.  You could solve that with
a hairdryer with a longer cord since that tall mirror is right there near
the entry door and there is an outlet on the far wall. Also, we used the
tree stump as a coffee table for our drinks and things but could have used a
bigger table to move over in front of us while sitting on the couch.  All
minor, but you asked for ways to make even more comfortable.  It was really
great to have all those pillows...those really help make the place different
from a hotel, which never has enough.
We're back at our work grind this morning, and the pile on my desk is oh so
high, so I'd better get back to it.  Sure you don't have any job openings?
Although I noticed you all had desks piled high with paper too   :)
Be on the lookout for a little thank you gift for all you guys coming your
way in the next couple weeks or so.  Nothing big, but just a little
something to say we really appreciate how much at home you all make us feel.
Best wishes to all, ....Vicki & Terry Ellis 
31th march 2015
Hi Brendan,
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for everything you did for us last weekend.  From the champagne, to the c...g-film, to the coffee-shop advice, and just general friendliness, you were an integral part in making our trip a fantastic success.
And that's not even mentioning AMSTERDAM HQ which was absolutely perfect !!!
We really enjoyed ourselves - I really can't thank you enough.
I have recommended you to .... oh lose count .... loads of people - and I know my mates will do the same.  Not that you are short on customers I reckon!
If you will have us back I would definitely like to rent Amsterdam HQ again !
Is it free over new year ?
Cheers Brendan,
Best wishes,
10th April 2015
Hi guys,
just wanted to say a big thank you for a very enjoyable stay. the den is fab.
we will definitely be back, hopefully later this year?!
thanks again
Jim & Jeanette Price X
April 14th 2015
Brendan & crew
Just wanted to thank you for looking after us last week - we all had a great time staying in 'the loft' and I'm sure we'll be back.
Back to work today and wishing I was still sitting outside Cafe del Mondo  :-(
See you again soon.
Tall Paul
March 19th 2014
Hey Emmett, Dee and Brendan,
I agree with everything Denise says.  Thank you so much for upgrading us to the house, what a treat.  You all definitely know how to satisfy your guest, we had a wonderful visit to the area and to Brussels and our home away from home "made" the trip.  Thank you for making it so easy to enjoy your fair city.  We will definitely be back...
Thanks for everything and good luck to you all...
Lisa Evans
March 18th 2014
for everything.  You guys were great!.  We have enjoyed our stay here immensely and although are sad to leave, we know we will definitely be back for a much longer visit  and staying in one of your great homes.
Thanks again for the hospitality.
Denise, Lisa & Sylvester
Lisa Hardaway
16th march 2013
Hello to all at Escape,
I wanted to drop you a quick line to say what a fantastic time Howard n I had last week. The apartment was just lovely & Amsterdam was as lovely as ever.
I will be recommending you to everyone I know!!!
Again... Thanks.
Take care & I'm sure we'll be seeing you again.
Suze & Howard
12th march 2014
Hi Emmett
We had a fantastic time and thought the "LOFT" apartment was superb.  Yes, there were a few bits and pieces that we thought you could do with – sorry!  These are really minor but we noticed the lack of a colander/sieve (we cooked one night and missed something like that!), a dishcloth (nothing to wipe up with) and a cheese grater.  Only other thing - we didn't’t think the extractor fan in the bathroom was working (there looked like there was one but it diden't’ seem to go on), so it got pretty steamy.  We also were’t too keen on the design of the shower door – the water tended to splash on to the floor, but these are really minor things! . All in all it was great and we loved the layout of the apartment and the decor.  We would definitely come again and would recommend it to friends and family.
Thanks again
colander/sieve / cheese grater / Shower curtain added /  extractor does it's best 
March 9th 2013
Thank you much for everything.  The stay in Amsterdam was great.  We had a cool time.  I will definitely try to visit again and if so I will be in touch.  Take care and best of luck.
Tony Shelton
Kosovo Sucks
March 2nd 2014
Brandon – Good Afternoon!  I wanted to thank you and “the guys” for such wonderful accommodations and good cheer while we were in Amsterdam.  From the apartment, to Basjoe, “YaMon” and the Fa.Tel fish guys – the trip was perfect and we will return again!!!
Cheers for such a great job – it is tough back in NYC – we just had a “Northeaster” and have over 12 inches of snow!   I miss Amsterdam.
Once again, on behalf of Lori Gale and myself and big THANK YOU!!
Roberta Kalan
24th February 2013
We had a great time, and the apartment was really nice and cosy, it was a relaxing break.  We'll definitely be back.
Take care
Rachelle & Eamonn
February 15th 2013
Hi Brendan
Thanks again for the apartment. We had a brilliant weekend and intend to
come back as soon as our finances will allow.
Please also keep us posted on any other suitable apartments you have on your books or any new arrivals.
Steve & Philippa
January 31st 2014
Hi Brendan,
Just a quick note of thanks from myself and Samantha for a lovely week in the Amsterdam View suite - you guys took really good care of us and it was a superb time, we really enjoyed ourselves.  Best to Emmett and the rest of the gang and I have a feeling that we'll do it again one of these days.  I'll definitely spread the word about the place.  Thanks too for the Ibis number when we had the passport problem, we got that resolved and made it home on Saturday, no fuss, no muss.
Best wishes,
Fraser Robinson
December 15th 2014
I defiantly forgot the hat and the cord at the pad. I also left behind a few posters that were wrapped up with an elastic. My address is 11 pine st XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX. I also would like to say that I had an awesome time, and thanks for having me. That pad is such an awesome place, I will recommend it to anyone who asks me about where to stay in Amsterdam.
October 12th 2013
Hi Brendan
Just wanted to say Thanks for making my trip to Amsterdam so enjoyable. I appreciate all Your help, great directions, great apartment ,great suggestion on coffee shop and You always showed up exactly when you said you would. Next time I visit which I hope is soon I will contact you
March 12th 2013
Good morning Brendan,
Sorry that we did not get to say a proper good bye - The kids and I had the best time ever!  Thank you so much for such a lovely place to stay during our visit.  Keep an eye out for us next year!  Tell everyone we had a lovely time and enjoyed meeting all.  Thanks - Joanne Hutchins.
12th January 
Greetings Emmett,
Great to hear from you.  Tell Brendan and everyone I said Hi.  It was great staying at the View.  Everyone was great and it was a pleasure hanging out with everyone.  Sharon says Thanks for everything also.  I appreciate the effort but I wouldn't want you to go to the expense of shipping the cap here.  I'll just get it the next time I see ya.  Peace, Eric
November 30th 2012
Hello Brendan,
It was one year ago my wife, Jalah Hurley, and I
departed from your fine city with memories and stories
we still share with friends and family.  I just wanted
to write and say thanks again for the excellent
hospitality and fun times.
I hope all is well in your world and the apartments
are booked for the next five years. Have a great
holiday and we look forward to our next trip to the
Sincerely and Good Birding,
Peter Hurley - Owner
The Hurley-Byrd Bird Feeder Co.
Tuesday, 11/29/12 - 7:34 AM
We stayed at the Chillout a few years back and had such a great trip. Looking forward to our next stay. We loved the Chillout and the smoke bar was fantastic too!
Tuesday, 11/29/05, 7:34 AM
From:Philadelphia PA USA


Lisa Friday, 6/30/2013 5:22 AM
Stayed at the 'High' and the 'Den' with my fella n friends... speechless - the place is just absolutely fantastic.. Taking my best mate to an Amsterdam Escape apartment for her birthday ( yep..she's OLDER than me!! ha) Wouldn't dream of staying anywhere else X Lisa
From:Isle of Man
Steve Gibbs
Wednesday, 5/20/2013, 9:28 AM
AWESOME..AWESOME..AWESOME and again AWESOME!! Brendan is the coolest guy ever, the apartments were fantastic and right on the edge of everything! Perfect base to party from. Cant recommend it enough. We had 11 of us on a duel stag 5 day stay and boy did we get mashed! Well played sah!
From:Essex UK
Steve Hulmes 
Thursday, 1/23/2013, 2:18 PM
We had a ball of a time at the Chillout - thoroughly recommended. Just watch your head and knees in the ground floor toilet - its a squeeze! Plenty of beds and interesting decor. Incredibly cool and the AmsterdamEscape staff are excellent - thanks Brendan! Steve and the numpties
From:Manchester, England
Monday, 5/23/2013, 10:15 AM
I just wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed our stay at the Amsterdam HQ. The place itself was great - quirky and personal, and of course it has 'location, location, location'! We were also delighted by your laid-back attitude and the thought you had put in to the services you offer. You have obviously spent a lot of time and effort studying your customer base and their needs. We were particularly impressed by the fact that the holiday starts the minute you arrive - no need to go shopping before you're settling down with your first beer and a joint. I hope we'll back in your care in the future, and I will certainly have NO hesitation about recommending you to my friends! Regards Marion
Chris & Jane Friday, April 14,  4:07 PM
Hi Emmett, Dee, or Giuseppe,
It's Chris Vaughn.  Your cleaning person might or might not have noticed that I left behind my razor yesterday.  It was holding up the shower head so the water didn't run down the wall.  I never was very good at holding the shower head with one hand and washing with the other:) don't have to go through the trouble of sending it back, I'll simply get another.  Thanks again for your hospitality, we're looking forward to returning, with some friends next time.
Chris and Jane
P.S. We were in the Hideaway.
Alexa Kinney - Thursday 14th September 
Hey Brendan,
Thanks so much for the awesome apartment while we were in Amsterdam.  We had such a great time in the apartment, Basjoes, and seeing the city.  The level of hospitality/concierge you provided with that apartment was unmatched (even at the Intercontinental in Paris!).
I'll probably be back next year, so I'll email you as soon as I have dates.
Thanks again for helping to make this trip so memorable.
RW Smith & Company
Sales Consultant/
Hey guys!
Just wanted to say thanks for another fantastic stay. Everyone enjoyed your apartments and your fantastic service.
Everyone is saying that this was the best trip ever! And everyone is coming back next year. I'll be coming sooner . I will tell you as soon as I know more.
But for next year, I will reserve all your apartments :) I hope..
Sincerely Andre (Norway)  www.magictours.
October 28th 2012
Dear Emmett, Brendan & Dee
Just a note to thank you for allowing us to stay in the fantastic 'Den' this weekend past, it really was brilliant, and there was nothing we wanted that wasn't  already there! Our only regret is that we had only from Friday to Monday morning to explore the most amazing European city I have been to so far & what a
brilliant location as well- too close to the craziness for some I'm sure, but not us!! I plan to return with my girlfriend as soon as I can get her a visa, although both myself and Carlos want to come back with other friends as well. We also think that Cafe Basjoe is by far and away THE most amazing spot on the planet too- what amazingly nice people. Any how back to the grind for me, in fact check out my hotel @ (actually just have a look at the location, the pictures are all out of date, and the rooms are nicer now!)So if you are in this neck of the woods DEFINATELY email me and I'll sort out a room and dinner no problem, although I think you'll be hearing from me first as I already want to come back in FEB.
Thanks again and for everything.
James Airley & Carles Fernandez
(oh aye, I meant to say when browsing the videos and DVD's I noticed on Sunday night that one of the porn DVD's was missing from the box! but it wasn't us that nicked it!!!!!) ciao for now.
(Basjoe's Coffeeshop - see coffeeshops
Barb& Justin Saturday, 1/6/07/2012 - 2:16 PM / 
Hey Brendan, thank you so much for making our A-dam experience so comfortable. We loved the room it was so nice , loved the little touches specially the little guys on the back of the toilet. Thank you again and I plan on coming back. I have my eyes on snug!!
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." ' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy72571 + '\' rel="noreferrer">'+addy_text72571+'<\/a>'; //--> 
So sorry to have taken so long to make this entry, we've been busy having babies!!! Well only one actually! Just wanted to let everyone know that we stayed in Tiny for New Year 2005/2006 and it was such a cosy little bolt hole we didn't want to go. We had a fabulous time and had everything we needed. Thanks to Brendan et al who made the stay perfect as always. Can't wait to escape again! Lauren and Doug x

Febuary 2011
Hi All at Amsterdam Escape !
Just a quick note to thank you very much for a brilliant few days in 
Amsters!  Being in Amsterdam Home made the whole experience so much more 
enjoyable......we will never go back to staying in hotels ever again!
I'm back at work this morning and I've got the holiday blues already!  
Anyway thanks again!
We will see you all soon!
Elen and the gang from Wales!
Feburary 2 2011,
The pleasure was all ours. 
The apartment was brilliant and excellent value for money, I really can't think of any reason why anyone would want to stay in a hotel. It really was a home from home. It was certainly a treat on Saturday kicking back in our own pad and having a few mates over for a few beers and watching England lift the Calcutta cup before heading out right into the heart of Amsterdam to sample the delights. Superb. 
The next time we're heading to Amsterdam we will be staying in an Escape apartment.
I passed the email on to Katie and Matt, they probably now something about the earrings, they'll get back to you.
I left before the other guys but if there was anything other than the earrings left behind you're more than welcome to it ;)
Till the next time, take it easy.
Thursday, January 25, 2011
Hi Brendan
I just wanted to email you to say thanks for all you did for us last weekend.  I absolutely loved the apartment and the location, I could not imagine a better place to get engaged (for us anyway)  - We are now back home but I still have a big smile on my face.
Till next time
Sarah and Matthew
yo brendan mate, just thought ad email ya back to Thank u for the weekend, after all it couldnt have been any better!  hope we didnt leave the apartment in a state!  i gave it a good one over before we left!  think we shall be back in march at some point, so am sure u will be hearing from me real soon mate, once again cheers for the hospitality mate!  
Hi Brendan,
Just a quick note to say it was a real pleasure staying with Escape and that we totally loved “the Nest”. We had a really pleasant stay and found everything we needed in perfect working order (we had a few issues with the tv remote, but nothing bad really).
As discussed before leaving, I would definitely love coming back to Amsterdam and stay in one of your apartments again. It’s so much better/fun than staying at the hotel!
Thanks again for a wonderful stay and being such a kind & welcoming person Brendan,
Gregory Lumet

Niall & Tara kennedy
Sunday, 7/8/11, 7:35 AM
stayed in the suite for five days and had a amazing time.the best location you could wish for,bars,coffeeshops and red-light on your doorstep and neiuwmarkt has a really nice feel to it.the apt was really cool,jukebox,playstation,dvds and videos were really nice touch.brendan is a sound guy and made us feel very welcome.TRY THE LAVENDER IN BASJOES,REALLY NICE SMOKE.the best time we've had in amsterdam.
Hi Brendan,
Thank you! It really was a fantastic escape from the daily routines once again.
The apartment and your service is unparallelled.
I’ll drop a comment on the web. I will also continue to recommend your services J
best regards..
“a very happy camper”
Otto Luukkonen
June 2011
Greetings Escape 
Thankyou for your hospitality throughout our stay at the Hollywood apartment. We really enjoyed ourselves and by having the Hollywood to come back to made it better. 
Thankyou again and i will be using your apartments in the future...
And a big thankyou to mo
J Boateng
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